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So, I’ve been busy planning for a few things and thought I’d drop by with this quick little post.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the political world, China is no longer using the PetroDollar  and Iran has banned the Dollar in trade.

What does that mean in simple English?

America is officially fucked.

In the ass.


It’s been a long time coming though.

Call it bad timing, call it a “bubble burst”, call it the inner workings of bad decisions beginning with the Nixon Era. I simply call it KARMA. Do I really care?


I stopped caring about this shit a loooong time ago when I woke up and realized our melanin was being harvested on a Spiritual plane to keep this bestial system alive.

This needs to happen and should’ve happened a long friggin’ time ago.

But I do care about you, Black…

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This is for all who took the plunge and dared to look and think outside the box. I’ve learned there are no absolutes…not even death.

Where is this fire and brimstone Christians speak of? Are they not aware we’re in it? The sooner this piece of shit we call life is over – the better off we’ll be. And if anyone disagrees please show me what I’m missing.